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Kunststeine, dekostein hohl garten

Our decorative rocks are an ideal imitation
of the natural boulder. Stones are made of organic
resin with the addition of stone chips.
verbunden sind.

We use granite, marble,
quarry stone, serpentine, basalt, jasper, etc. – this
conveys many colors and shades of natural
boulders and imitates the feel of natural stones.

Our hollow decorative stones can be used as a cover or faux rocks:


Manufactured in Europe in accordance with Premium quality standards. In the production process we took into account the opinions of the best gardeners and landscape architects.

The service life of our garden beds without transit damage can be several decades if properly cared.

The advantages of our metal garden beds are:


Neue Modelle!

Unser neuer Satz von quadratischen Kunststeinen passt perfekt in Ihre Gartendekoration. Neue hohle Steine können große Gegenstände verstecken und sogar zu einer Garage für Ihren intelligenten Gartenroboter werden!

Kunsteine, steine atrappe für garten

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If you are not sure choosing garden decoration, please use this scheme! We would be happy to help you with the best choice considering your budget!

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Before ordering, we always recommend our customers to contact us for advice and consultation!


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We work since 2009

We believe that all plants, trees, flowers and what belongs to nature should be protected and kept for future generations. We try to help our customers with their gardens and green spaces – we hope that this will make our small contribution to a great world movement.

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Our Commitment

Our expertise covers every aspect of garden maintenance. Especially when we talk about stones, how to use them and how to decorate your beautiful small (or large?) garden. People think that natural beauty must remain natural, no choice! With our hollow stones, we can solve this problem and cover or hide all undesired items in your garden.

We are very proud of our services and look forward to sharing the thoughts and feedbacks of our customers from all over the world!